Landscape / Architecture
Location Bana Hills, Danang, Vietnam
Vu Viet Anh
Nguyen Quang Huu Tuan
Tran Quang Hung
150 m

     The Golden Bridge is an outstanding architectural feature in Da Nang City, designed by TA Landscape Architecture, ofiginated from the feeling how small humans are compared to the nature while standing on the hillside.

     The bridge is 150 m long and 5 m wide. The walking surface is made of Merawan Giaza wood which is termite resistant. The abutment foundation is reinforced concrete and the piers are made of steel pipes. All combines with I-shaped steel beams to form a strong frame. The surfaces are finished with gold paint. The two hands are made of glass fiber in grey with some mossy green patches to look as if they has stood there for hundreds of years. All the materials are carefully selected to withstand the climate of Ba Na hills.

     After the grand opening, the Golden Bridge became famous worldwide. It appeared on international journals like CNN, BBC, Reuters, The Guardian, The Independent and called one of the most amazing and impressive bridges globlally.

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