Landscape / Architecture
Location District 1, HCMC
Vu Viet Anh
Pham Thi Ai Thuy
Nguyen Truong Duc
Chu Quoc Hùng
Nguyen Thi Tuan Anh
Nguyen Tuan Minh
Pham Thi Nhuan
Nguyen Quang Huu Tuan
Nguyen Thao Ngan
4,714 sqm

     A quiet and narrow street surrounded by urban heritages has been transformed into an area for book lovers and the public. The structure of the Book Street consolidates the design variations and simplicity to optimize its functions. The selected materials such as wood, marble tiles, etc. are for the sensation of warmth while glass and steel are for their openness and looseness of the space. The entire structure of the Book Street is an aggregate of 4 squares, in consistency with the opposite post office of HCMC. Unlike other pop-up public spaces in HCMC, the Book Street design has consolidated all elements to result in an urban public area that would not have been achieved if the mere “Design and Build” progress had been done. The Book Street in HCMC is a prime example of affirming the architects’ role in the society.