Who we are ?

At TALAVN, the design consultancy is carried out in various scales, ranging from gardens or snug structures to vast multi-functional spaces.


Our design procedure is the combination of:

  • Our profound knowledge of the natural and soil conditions, the materials and the charm of the region.
  • Our updated experience of diverse kinds of space, from private to public areas, from interior settings to small/ medium-sized landscape architectures and large-scale urban space or vast-sized natural landscapes.
  • Our thorough consideration for the natural and historical features in each area to provide the design solutions which are environmentally sustainable, economical and diversified in term of theirs amenities.
  • Our creation and application of eco-friendly materials and technologies.
  • Our understanding of the native people, the cultures and distinctive features of many regions due to our youthful, open-minded, and willing-to-learn manpower.


Without bias against traditional or modern designs, the landscape architects, architects and designers at TA are specialized in creating exceptional yet naturalistic structures that give profound experience of the building process both generally and specifically.


With the profound knowledge of the local, the experience of a myriad of buildings as well as the workforce, concept design, technical profile design, we are confident and ready to cooperate with all local and international partners.


Who we are ?